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Advocating for open data

Harnessing the power of information to create more equal societies with empowered citizens.


Open Knowledge International empowers people to use data to drive transparency and accountability, accelerate innovation and research, and create fair and sustainable societies.

In 2015, OKI asked di:ga to help them widen their communications beyond the core community of ‘tech-geeks’ and explain the benefits of open to all. We worked with them for six months, drawing up a communications strategy, defining audiences and messages, and training staff. We also worked alongside Johnson Banks, a fantastic branding and identity agency, to develop a new visual brand.

In 2017, we were brought back on board to help OKI communicate their new organisational strategic plan. We assessed the communications opportunities and needs, reviewed target audiences and how well they were reaching them, and pulled together a comprehensive set of priority activities for the short, medium, and long term. We also helped draw up a job description and advertisement for a new communications manager to lead that work.


“di:ga are extremely good at helping us communicate directly and engagingly. They’re smart and easy to work with, and as a result we have a much better understanding of of our key audiences and how to reach them effectively."

Pavel Richter
CEO, Open Knowledge International