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Innovative marine conservation

Telling the story of innovative marine conservation project, Net-Works.


In 2013, di:ga was approached by Interface, a leading sustainable carpet manufacturer, to help them tell the story of their Net-Works project, which uses recycled fishing nets from the Danajon Bank in the Philippines to make carpet tiles. Danajon Bank is the world’s third largest double barrier reef and is gravely threatened by marine debris. We drew up an early-stage media and communications strategy, and facilitated conversations between key players at an all-day meeting.

Three years later, we started working with Interface again to communicate the success of the groundbreaking collaboration with the Zoological Society of London and local communities which has realised its potential to create socio-economic and environmental benefits while simultaneously delivering a product that is commercially viable. As Net-Works expands to new countries, we have updated the media and communications strategy and are overseeing its implementation.