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Promoting the latest research on illegal logging and climate change.


di:ga works with Chatham House to promote their research findings on Energy, Environment and Resources. Over the last few years, we have helped launch flagship reports on illegal logging, diet and climate change, chokepoints in the global food trade and the circular economy, and have generated significant international media coverage including in the FT, Economist, FT Chinese, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Le Monde, and O Globo.

We have also worked on social media strategies and data visualisations for these projects, written and placed op-eds, and provided media training for spokespeople. We produced a 2-year communications strategy for the think tank's illegal logging work, and carried out a stakeholder survey and digital review. It's always a privilege to work with the Chatham House team on their high quality, important research.


"From big picture to detail, from strategy to delivery, I trust di:ga completely on all aspects of communication."

Laura Wellesley
Research Fellow, Chatham House