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Zamyn Cultural Forum

A series of high-level debates about globalisation at the Tate Modern.


The Zamyn Cultural Forum in June 2013 was a new kind of work for di:ga: a series of high-level debates about globalisation at the Tate Modern, focused on the interplay between politics, economics and the arts, and involving a whole host of famous names and faces including South African opposition politician Mamphela Ramphele, poet Ben Okri, and philosopher and literary theorist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Subjects included The Foreigner, Capital, and Resources.

di:ga was brought in to help promote the debates, and to generate discussion and reflection in the media. We drew up a strategy and helped refine messaging for the website and other materials. We produced press releases for the overall Forum and for each event, managed the press guest list, and reached out to target media. Coverage included a live debate on the BBC World Service, a 10-minute interview with Radio 4’s the World Tonight, a front cover article in the New Statesman and articles in the Guardian, Le Monde, and the TES.


“di:ga’s support was invaluable. They applied a sensitive, intelligent, strategic approach, dealt with speakers with the utmost maturity and tact, corralled journalists, marshalled tweets, and delivered great results.”

Michael Aminian
Founder and Director, Zamyn