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What we do

di:ga offers bespoke media and communications advice for non-profit organisations and other good causes.

We feel privileged and excited to help our clients to communicate the issues they're tackling and articulate the solutions that are so urgently needed. We're omnivorous when it comes to subject matter and meticulous about detail, but most often find ourselves working 'macro' questions of climate change, human rights, conflict, and economic development.

We think every communications activity – big or small – should be rooted in strategy. We offer a range of services, from press office cover and media relations, to report editing, recruitment advice and mentoring, media training, speech- and op-ed writing, social media planning, and general word-smithing. We can work in-house or out, and will always tailor our offer to suit your needs.


  • Campaign and media strategies

    We believe that a good strategy should underpin any communications you do, because how else do you know why you’re doing it, and when you’ve succeeded? We will work with you to answer what, why, who, when, where and how, and come up with the best possible plan to drive the change you want to see.

  • Core messaging and branding

    Helping organisations articulate what they do and why, and adjusting that messaging for different audiences, is a challenge we thrive on. Getting the words right to describe your mission, vision and values, or the premise of a new campaign, is the essential springboard to success and greater impact. We also have some great design agencies we regularly partner with for help with fantastic visuals.

  • Digital and social media

    These days almost no piece of strategic communication can be done without considering the possible digital or social elements. We are not a digital agency but we know our way around the main social media sites, and what makes a good website. We can advise on the best tactics, and either help you implement them ourselves, or bring a digital whizz on board to partner with us.

  • In-house cover

    Whether you want a temporary press officer for a couple of weeks, regular help a few days a week, or someone to run your communications department over the summer, we can provide staff that plug the gaps in your team, support you during spikes, and help you make longer-term recruitment decisions.

  • Media relations and pitching

    This is our bread and butter. Got a report that needs launching? An upcoming event to promote? Or do you find yourselves in hot water and need a bit of help fielding tricky media enquiries? As former journalists ourselves, we know what makes a story and have great contacts in the UK and international media.

  • Media training

    We offer bespoke and off-the-shelf training for beginners to experienced communicators. From the basics of strategic communications and media relations, to full day broadcast media interview training sessions with a camera, plus writing for print and online, we can help you excel, whatever the opportunity.

  • Mentoring and recruitment

    Having managed and built teams in-house at leading non-governmental organisations, we can assess your current communications capacity, and advise on recruitment and team structure. We can help you write a new job description – often by doing the job ourselves for a bit – and then find the perfect person to fill it. We also provide ongoing mentoring and training.

  • Writing and editing

    At di:ga we love writing, and feel privileged to be able to work with you – the experts on the issues we’re most interested in - to compose effective, compelling, and elegant prose that will change hearts and minds. From op-eds, to reports, speeches, to case studies, we can start from scratch or simply polish what you’ve already done.

Areas of expertise

  • Climate change and sustainability

    Climate change is perhaps the greatest threat facing humankind. It is also an opportunity: for change, a new way of thinking, a clean energy revolution. We work with experts on climate change and sustainability to help convey the urgency of action, but also the potential upsides of the time we find ourselves in.

    Preserving the world’s precious natural resources for future generations, ensuring global warming does not further exacerbate poverty and inequality, and heeding the warnings the planet is sending, are critical actions for our political and corporate leaders to take.

  • Development and economics

    How do you end poverty? Is this even a rational aspiration? What’s the best sort of aid, and how should you give it? Does charity begin at home, or should we focus exclusively on the greatest need, wherever that is? And to what extent is trade the answer to Africa’s underdevelopment?


We want to help organisations answer these questions, and inspire politicians and individuals to work together to promote inclusive development, which also protects the planet. We help make wonky policy and economic research accessible, without oversimplifying or dumbing down.

  • Human rights and conflict

    In Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many other countries around the world, the lives of innocent civilians are being blighted by conflict and instability. We work with some of the bravest and most hopeful organisations and individuals around the world to make the case for peace, and for the protection of people caught up in wars not of their making.

    We tell human stories, while keeping an unflinching eye on the politics and policies behind the abuses, and work with you to advocate for change.

  • Transparency and corruption

    With the advent of big data, the transparency movement is coming of age. Without a background in hacking or programming, we can still see the power of information to change the world, and we work with those who, like Louis Brandeis, believe “sunlight is … the best of disinfectants”.

    We work with fearless and tenacious advocates to redress imbalances of power via forensic investigation and innovative campaigning. We help those without a voice get heard, with a view to improving governance, increasing corporate transparency, and changing the rules so they benefit the many not the few.